Are there any museum passes available at the Library?

Yes, the Thayer Memorial Library has more than a dozen passes! Call the Library at 978-368-8928 ext #2 for availability or to reserve a pass.


Are there internet stations available at the Library?

Yes, the Library has computer stations equipped with Microsoft Word- and Excel-compatible software, and Internet connections.


Can children of all ages come to the Library?

Yes, everyone is welcome in the Library. However, children under the age of 10 must be continually attended by a parent or caregiver in all parts of the Library.


Can I connect to the internet at the Library using my laptop?

Yes, the Library is WiFi equipped throughout the building [all three floors]. You should be aware, however, that your laptop is vulnerable unless you have adequate and up-to-date antivirus software on it. The Library cannot assume responsibility for any damage to your equipment.


Can I use my Thayer Memorial Library card at any other Library?

Yes, you can use your Thayer Memorial Library card at over 100 public libraries in the Central and Western Massachusetts Automated Resources Sharing network (C/W MARS), as long as your card is not blocked. Your card is blocked if you accumulate more than $10 in fines or fees.


Do you assign family memberships at the Library?

No, we ask each person to have their own Library card. Library cards are non-transferable and must be presented each time a Library transaction is made. Register for a Library card.


Do you have a fax and copier available for public use at the Library?

Thayer Memorial Library has a photocopier capable of color and black and white reproductions available for public use at 10 cents per copy.

Thayer Memorial Library also offers a fax service. For details please read the Library’s fax policy.


Does the Library accept donated books and other materials?

Yes, the Thayer Memorial Library gladly accepts donations of books and other items in good condition and that are clean and mold-free: including adult, young adult children’s books, and most other books, CD’s, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and any computer or console games on discs.

We cannot accept items, which are unhealthy to handle, dirty, moldy, smelly, burnt, chewed, damp, or missing covers. We also cannot accept textbooks, encyclopedias, condensed books, and magazines.

Donated items may be added to the Library’s collection, given to the Friends of the Thayer Memorial Library for their book sales, or disposed of by the Library.

As the receiving institution, the Library cannot assign a value to the books you donate. Donors must determine the value of donated items.

Donations can be deposited on the Library’s ground floor near the public restrooms.


How do I access the Thayer Memorial Library’s Museum?

The Library’s Museum is only accessible by appointment. Please call the Library at 978-368-8928 ext. #3 or #4.


How do I borrow eBooks and other eMedia?

There are three choices for accessing eBooks and eMedia with a library card.

  • CWMARS Overdrive Collection
  • Commonwealth eBook Collections
  • Boston Public Library eBooks & Digital Media Collections


How do I borrow the Library’s Telescope?

The Library’s Orion Starblast Telescope can be borrowed for viewing astronomical events, learning more about our solar system and the stars, developing a greater appreciation for the earth’s place in the universe, and for fun. To initiate borrowing the Library’s telescope, begin by filling out a form.


How do I conduct genealogy research or access the Library’s Special Collections?

Generally, the public can access the Library Special Collections Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 4-6pm or by appointment. Visitors with appointments will be given priority over patrons who visit unannounced.

To initiate a visit to the Thayer Memorial Library Special Collections, please contact the Director by email:


How do I contact the Library?

Follow this link.


How do I create “My Reading History”?

Your online account has a feature called “Checkout History” that allows you to track items you have borrowed. Participation in the feature is voluntary. You may start or stop using it, as well as delete any or all entries in “Checkout History” at any time. If you choose to start recording “Checkout History,” you agree to allow our automated system to store this data.

The Library staff does not have access to your “My Reading History,” however, it is subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws, and under those laws, could be examined by law enforcement authorities without your permission. If this is of concern to you, you should not use the “My Reading History” feature.


How do I deal with an “EXPIRED” Library card?

When your Library card “expires”, Library staff will confirm the contact information we have on file for the patron. You do not need to get a new card, and it only takes a few minutes to update your account at the Library. You should receive an email two (2) weeks before your card expires.

Expired Library accounts can only be updated in person or by calling the Library at 978-368-8928 ext. #2.


How do I find articles and facts about (nearly) any topic?

The best online information in Massachusetts is available for free by accessing one or more of the Library’s databases. For assistance with any of the databases, call 978-368-8928 ext. #3 or #4.


How do I get a Library card?

An applicant for a Thayer Memorial Library Card must show identification with a current residential address. Providing identification with only a post office box number or information related to school or other temporary residence status is not adequate. Applicants are required to provide either a telephone number or an email address. The following are considered acceptable forms of identification:

  • A valid Massachusetts driver’s license with the holder’s current residential address
  • A driver’s instruction permit, or a photo identification card issued by the Massachusetts DOT with the holder’s current residential address
  • An official photo identification card from a school, government agency, employer, etc., along with another piece of identification displaying the holder’s name and current residential address

Acceptable second forms of identification include:

  • A current residential property tax statement, rent receipt, or lease agreement
  • A current utility bill
  • A bank checkbook with a current address imprinted on checks
  • A current bank statement; or
  • Cancelled mail to the applicant with current residential address postmarked within the last week.

If one of these forms of identification cannot be presented, other forms of documentation may be accepted by the Library Director at their sole discretion.


How do I get an Online Account?

When you are issued your library card, an online account is automatically created. There is no extra sign up needed.

The technical name for the online catalog is Online Public Access Catalog or OPAC for short. When a library staff member sets up your library account for you and issues you a library card, a part of the computer screen that s/he uses has a place to enter “OPAC User Name”. This will be the user name that you will enter on the OPAC log in screen.

Typically, this user name is initially set to be your library card number. If you find it difficult to remember your library card number, you can ask the staff to change this user name to something you can remember more easily. Once you have successfully logged in to the online catalog, you can also change your user name by yourself whenever you want.

For more information regarding your online account, visit the CWMARS “Your Online Account” section.


How do I reserve a meeting room?

The Thayer Memorial Library offers two meeting rooms, the Nathaniel T. Dexter and the Trustees Meeting Room. Reservations may be made in person or over the telephone with the Director. For more details please read the Meeting Room Use Policy.


How do I suggest a purchase?

Email your suggested titles to the director Joe Mulé at


How do I support the Thayer Memorial Library?

Many of the services provided at the Library are a result of support received by patrons, benefactors, and volunteers over its 150+ years of existence. You can help continue this effort through volunteerism, joining the Friends of the Thayer Memorial Library, or contributing to the Thayer Memorial Library Foundation.


How old do I have to be to get a Library card?

Applicants must be at least 5 years of age and able to sign his or her own name. For applicants under the age of eighteen (18) to obtain a Library Card, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign a completed application.


How do I renew an item?

You have three options for renewing items checked out to you:

  • via phone (call us at the Library and we can do it over the phone),
  • via home online service (log into your account),
  • or in person (come to the Library during open hours).


What are the fines for late items?

Overdue fines are assessed for items returned past their due dates. A fine rate of ten cents
($0.10) per item, per day late will be assessed for all circulated items.


What are the Thayer Memorial Library’s hours?

Library hours can be found here.


What do I do if I lose my Library card?

Borrowers who have lost their Thayer Memorial Library Card may apply for a new card by showing valid identification and paying a non–refundable $2.00 replacement charge.


Where can I return Library items?

You can return Library items in the book drop near the main entrance, when the Library is open or closed. Except for museum passes and unconventional items, you can also return items to other neighboring CWMARS libraries.


 What are TML’s Loan Periods and Limits?

The following loan periods have been established to provide Library users with an adequate amount of time to read, view, listen, or use materials and return them so that they are available for other borrowers.

Loan Limits – A borrower may have up to fifty (50) items checked out at any time. Loan limits for specific media types are at the discretion of the Library staff.

Loan Periods – Most items within the Library’s collection may be borrowed for twenty one (21) days. A receipt listing items and their due dates can be generated when items are checked out or accessed by borrowers from their online accounts. If the due date falls on a holiday when the Library is closed, the loan period will be extended until the next day that the Library is open. Special loan periods have been established for the following Library materials:

  • New Fiction – Fourteen (14) days
  • DVD’s and Blu‐ray discs:
    • Sets of fewer than 2 discs: Seven (7)  Days.
    • Sets containing more than 2 discs: Fourteen (14) days.
  • Compact Discs – Fourteen (14) days
  • Art Prints – Three (3) months
  • Museum Passes – Due back before the Library opens on its next business day. (See schedule of open hours)
  • Reference Materials –  Circulation duration determined by staff. Some materials do not circulate
  • Unconventional Items – See Circulating Unconventional Items